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WisCorps Rebrand Update

Imagine, a large Burr Oak in a prairie. Their acorns are ripe and drop as the wind blows through the branches. Two acorns fall. The acorns sprout and grow into saplings. They need enough light, water, space, and nutrients from the soil to keep growing into mature Burr Oaks. Like the saplings, the Conservation Corps and the Myrick Park Center need more light, space, and nutrients to flourish.

Why is WisCorps rebranding?


WisCorps has two successful and distinct programs: the Conservation Corps, and the Myrick Park Center. Both are focused on environmentalism, yet they achieve that goal in different ways. Conservation Corps provides environmental restoration service projects throughout the Midwest. The Myrick Park Center offers environmental education and community building.


Our goal?


To broaden our impact. To reach more people. To preserve more natural spaces. To do this, we’re working to grow our presence across Wisconsin and further our connections in the La Crosse community.

WisCorps has a deep history, and as with many organizations, as we’ve grown, we’ve evolved.

We started in 2009 as a conservation corps, then added nature education programs as we moved offices into the Myrick Park Center in 2014. As we’ve grown, we recognize today as an opportunity to clarify who we are and what we do to ensure those who know us and love us (and those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet us yet) understand the depth and breadth of our mission – and so more people can be a part of helping achieve that mission!


What will be changing?


We’re working towards a clearer distinction between the WisCorps Conservation Corps, which provides environmental restoration service projects throughout the Midwest, and the Myrick Park Nature Center, which provides environmental education and community building. We’re symbiotic – like trees and fungi. Ultimately, both programs are focused on enhancing our communities’ access and connection to nature. But they do it differently, and we want to clarify that.


So, what does this look like?


Both programs will have a fresh new look. Each will have new or refreshed logos, and websites to better serve you. Our physical habitat is changing too – you’ll see some updates to the Myrick Park Center and the surrounding outdoor space, including the big red barn, in the coming months.


What is rebranding, anyways?


We love this question! A brand is the perception of an organization in the hearts and minds of our community. WisCorps’ brand is more than our shovel logo, it’s how we communicate and live our mission, vision, and values. As we have grown, our programs, mission, vision, and values have evolved and grown, too. We want to be thoughtful and intentional about this evolution. Through this rebrand process, we want to increase our self-awareness by better understanding how our programs make you feel and what they mean to you. Then we will take those inputs to clarify who we are and what we do, and ultimately create clearer messaging around the Conservation Corps and Myrick Park Center.


When will the rebrand happen?


It’s happening now, during our “hibernation” months of winter. You’ll see the new look in the spring and fall of 2023.


Are the services and programs changing?


Nope. Our core services and programs are not changing, though you’ll see some exciting expanded offerings for nature education opportunities at Myrick Park Center, and our conservation corps will be growing their reach throughout even more of the state.


How can I get involved?


We’d love your help! We are looking for folks to give us feedback through listening sessions or by completing an online survey. Please sign up for a session or survey via this link.

And be sure to subscribe to the DIRT newsletter and follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) to stay up-to-date on the latest with the rebrand process.

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