Conservation Corps Program Overview

Summer Hiring Starts Jan. 2023

Our Field Crew program engages motivated AmeriCorps members, ages 18-25, to complete environmental restoration service projects throughout the Midwest while living as unit.

Locations: Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin
Duration: 8-10 Weeks

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Our Local Crew program provides motivated AmeriCorps members, ages 17-25, with conservation and job skills, leadership opportunities, challenging project work, and personal and professional development all while living from their own home! Participants must provide their own daily transportation to and from Myrick Park Center.

Locations: La Crosse, Wisconsin
Duration: 8-10 Weeks

Summer Hiring Starts Jan. 2023

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Our Individual Placement Program provides young conservation professionals with focused, hands-on opportunities to serve directly under the guidance of our agency mentors. The Program provides our corpsmembers with a link between the academic and professional space. WisCorps placement sites allow members to conserve and connect while they gain career-building skills.

Duration: 3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year

Summer Hiring Starts Jan. 2023