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AmeriCorps Local Crew Member Position Description

June 15th to August 12th 2022
Position Type:
$300/week, lunch provided daily, on the job training

Quick Facts

***Applicants must reside in or near La Crosse***


AmeriCorps Local Crew Members are assigned to WisCorps' La Crosse Mayor's partnership for 8.5 weeks. Local Crews for young adults provide members with job skills, leadership opportunities, challenging project work and personal and professional development all within the greater La Crosse area. Crew members, ages 17-25, live at home, but may occasionally camp. Local Crew Members serve on projects Monday through Thursday with Friday focused on education.

Local Crew Members make a positive impact in La Crosse public lands, community spaces, and neighborhoods through a diverse set of projects. These projects focus on caring for the environment, helping community members, and assisting local non-profit organizations.


Local Crew Members experience a wide variety of learning experiences including environmental education, career exploration, and outdoor recreation. The AmeriCorps Mayor's Crew Member position is service orientated, where there are opportunities to grow professional and personal skills while contributing to the community. Members will earn an education award in the amount of $1,374.60 after completing 300 service hours.


Local Crew Members must have transportation to WisCorps' Myrick Park Center in the morning and transportation home from WisCorps at the end of each day.


  • Be an active, inclusive, and contributing member of the crew

  • ​Work up to 8 hours per day for 5 consecutive days on a crew comprised of 5 other service members in outdoor locations. 40 hours/week of project service time expected regularly

  • Work in a variety of weather including temperatures. This may include cold & hot service days, high winds, and intense sun exposure. Rainy days should be expected.

  • Hike extended distances on potentially various terrain with a 25+ pound backpack

  • Maintain a positive attitude and commitment to caring for the community and environment

  • Follow instructions, focus on personal safety

  • Abide by all WisCorps policies and procedures

  • Ability to work the entire 8.5-week field season

  • Complete 300 hours of AmeriCorps Service


  • 17-25 years old

  • Reside in the greater La Crosse, Wisconsin area throughout the duration of the 8.5-week field season

  • Participants must provide their own personal all-leather boots, backpacks, water containers, and raingear.

  • Must be able to commit to the full Summer session including the training days leading up to field projects.

  • Passionate about environmental causes and being a part of community surrounding environmental service.

  • Willingness to learn various conservation practices or land management techniques

  • Enjoys outside and helping people, animals, and/or the environment 

  • Motivated to learn and work through challenging situations (weather, bugs, etc.)

  • Upon hire, all WisCorps members must consent to a Criminal History Check. Service with WisCorps will be considered probationary until all results are returned and have been reviewed.

  • Alcohol & recreational drug use is strictly prohibited on WisCorps projects and on WisCorps property.

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