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2024 Individual Placement Opportunities


Facility Sustainability Technician

March 4 - August 16, 2024

(2 positions available)
The Dane County Facility Sustainability Technician will aid Dane County Facilities Management in reducing carbon emissions via a variety of hands-on projects including converting fluorescent lighting to energy-efficient LED fixtures at multiple County facilities and maintaining solar PV installations at multiple County sites.  The Facility Sustainability Technician will support Dane County’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by assisting the Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change in developing dashboard-style education for both county staff and the community that highlights Dane County’s progress toward its climate goals. 

2024 Quick Facts

Position Type:
Full-time, temporary (12, 18, 46 & 50 weeks)
Compensation / Benefits:
$500 Weekly Living Stipend*
Room & board provided at some locations
AmeriCorps Members earn an award for tuition or qualified loans
(Up to $6,895*)


Individual Placement AmeriCorps Members serve with WisCorps partner organizations focused on the areas of natural resource conservation and environmental education.   

WisCorps’ Individual Placement Program through AmeriCorps / Serve Wisconsin provides opportunities for dedicated AmeriCorps members to gain practical conservation and educator skills while working with a site mentor and exploring career options.

Members promote community service and environmental awareness through direct training and service in the outdoors while participating in community engagement projects. Service Members serve at a single placement site, receive a biweekly stipend and AmeriCorps benefits
that correlate to their term of service. Upon successful completion of their service hours, Individual Placements receive a Segal Education Award correlating to the number of service hours completed.

Individual Placement Members will be responsible for participating in valuable opportunities focusing on environmentally conscious activities through programming for community involvement. Members will spend time researching, maintaining and cultivating interest in area community gardens, community conservation programs, and assist with volunteer mobilization and recruitment. Members will be supported and mentored by WisCorps headquarters staff, placement site staff, and team leaders throughout their term of service.


Check out each position descriptions above for our current openings!

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