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My name is Chad DuChateau and I am the Operations Manager here at WisCorps, Inc. We are currently in search of conservation-related projects to complete in the upcoming year. Our conservation crews travel to project sites on public and private lands across Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.


WisCorps crews of energetic and enthusiastic young people come from a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and interests, but together they share a common goal of working hard to better the outdoor experience for all.  Our members receive technical skills training, a weekly stipend, food and lodging, and the opportunity for a life changing experience. By hiring a WisCorps conservation crew, you are developing your future workforce, fostering the next generation of conservation leaders, and promoting a deeper respect for community and the environment. In addition, our crews will economically and efficiently complete your project.


WisCorps crews are in the field from April through November and available on a weekly, monthly or multi-year basis. Contact us to learn more about what WisCorps can do for your next project.


See you in the field,

        Chad DuChateau

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Do you have a high priority conservation project to complete?

WisCorps can provide crew services to municipalities, agencies, tribes, and non-profit organizations in need of short term labor solutions that are flexible enough to fit into tight operating budgets.

Each crew is fully trained and equipped to take on a variety of conservation projects such as, but not limited to: new trail construction, trail restoration, stream bank stabilization, reforestation, and invasive species management.

WisCorps provides:
  • A crew of 4 crew members

  • 2 experienced adult Crew Leaders

  • All basic tools (trail, carpentry, and forestry)

  • Power tools (chainsaws, brushsaws, generators, etc.)

  • General project management

  • All transportation costs (vehicle, gasoline, etc.)

  • All insurance costs (liability and worker’s compensation)

You provide:
  • All project materials (gravel, lumber, herbicide, etc.)

  • Any specialized equipment required for the project

  • Additional technical support as needed

  • Overall guidance of the project (a minimum of one visit per week)

  • Funding to cover a portion of the total cost of the crew

How much does it cost to hire a WisCorps crew?

For each project, we ask that a funding match be provided to cover a portion of the total crew cost in exchange for the work completed. The match works on a sliding scale and ranges from $5,500 -$7,000 per week of work.  


WisCorps can partner with project sponsors to apply for a variety of grants and other funding, which can help cover both the crew and material costs of your project.

What are the first steps?

Interested parties can submit a project proposal online with as much information as you currently have. If you would like more information before submitting a project proposal, please call us to discuss your project idea.

For More Information Contact:

Chad DuChateau
Operations Manager