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2024 Indiana Dunes National Park Crew

Summer Session
Leader Training
5/20 - 6/3/24
Member Training
6/4 - 6/7/24
Field Season
6/10 to 8/23/24

Fall Session
Leader Training
9/2 - 9/16/24
Member Training
9/17 - 9/20/24
Field Season
9/23 - 11/15/24

Will Begin Accepting Summer Applications in January 2024

Want to live, work, and play at Indiana Dunes National Park? We are seeking individuals who are passionate about community service, teamwork and habitat restoration!

What is it like to be on the WisCorps Dunes Crew?

Work Hard and Create Community
Be prepared to work hard in beautiful places! The Dunes Crew is responsible for the gritty aspect of restoration work at Indiana Dunes National Park. This crew serves together to manage the natural resources of Indiana Dunes National Park, focusing on high priority projects in wetlands and surrounding upland areas. The summer Dunes Crew focuses on wetland management and restoration for their entire season. The fall Dunes Crew spends half of their season serving in wetlands and half of their season performing habitat restoration in upland (forest) environments. Dunes Crew participants learn about potential jobs with the National Park Service, habitat restoration techniques, project logistics, and cooperative living. They get the chance to learn about the history of restoration efforts at Indiana Dunes National Park and become part of the land management legacy for these rare ecosystems. 

Dunes Crew participants spend the entire duration of their contract (11 weeks in the summer and 8 weeks in the fall) living, serving, and traveling together along the shores of Lake Michigan. Project service takes place Monday through Friday with weekends "off," but crews stay together participating in recreational activities, taking care of chores, and relaxing.

Live Simply and Connect with Nature
Being on a WisCorps crew can be a platform for personal change. By living without drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, participants can choose to start a new chapter in their lives. Crews connect with nature through their AmeriCorps service and their leisure time. Previous Dunes Crew Leaders and Members have commented that this opportunity to connect with nature has helped them boost their self-esteem, confidence, and body image. WisCorps participants live sustainably and follow Leave No Trace principles. During the experience, service people collaborate to eat healthily and minimize their impact on the earth.

Corps FAQs
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