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AmeriCorps Field Crew Member Position Description


Position Dates:


9/21 - 11/18/22

Position Type:
$300/week, plus room, board, transportation, on the job training

Quick Facts



WisCorps field crews complete high priority conservation projects

across Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. Projects may include trail restoration, habitat restoration, invasive species

management, and carpentry projects. AmeriCorps Field Crew Members live or camp out with their crew near their project sites and travel throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.


  • Work hard as a team to accomplish conservation projects

  • Work up to 10 hours per day for 4-8 consecutive days on a crew comprised of 4 to 7 other service members in outdoor locations. 40 hours/week of project field service time expected regularly

  • Work and camp in a variety of weather including temperatures. This may include cold overnights, hot service days, high winds, and intense sun exposure. Rainy days should be expected during the Summer & Fall sessions. Snowy conditions can be expected late in the Fall session.

  • Hike extended distances on potentially various terrain with a 25+ pound backpack

  • Maintain personal safety on and off the worksite

  • Practice Leave No Trace principles and sustainable living techniques

  • 2-6 days off in between your field service weeks spent with your field crew

  • Be an active and contributing member of the crew community

  • Abide by all WisCorps and AmeriCorps policies and procedures


  • 18-25 years old

  • Experience in outdoor recreation

  • Participants must provide their own personal camping items such as all-leather boots, sleeping bags, backpacks, water containers, and raingear.

  • Must be able to commit to the full Summer or Fall session including the training days leading up to field projects.

  • Passionate about environmental causes and being a part of community surrounding environmental service

  • Willingness to learn various conservation practices or land management techniques

  • Upon hire, all WisCorps members must consent to a Criminal History Check. Service with WisCorps will be considered probationary until all results are returned and have been reviewed.

  • Alcohol & recreational drug use is strictly prohibited on WisCorps projects and on WisCorps property which also extends to days off between projects for WisCorps Field Crews.

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